In 1997, I made a trip to Japan to visit my grandfather upon learning his time was nearing the end.  In his final days, with one last prized and personal possession, he gifted me his Canon camera.  As translated through my mom, he said that I 'was the only grandchild to come visit him in the hospital (all the way from the US)' and for that, he wanted me to enjoy something he deeply enjoyed, photography.



Knowing that my passion was to photograph people everyone who would be my subject, was. With a lot to learn I began purchasing rolls and rolls of film and reading ‘how to’ books.  Soon, my comfort and efficiency with the camera came into its own.

Not long after receiving my gift, our first daughter was born and a camera around my neck became the norm (you rarely see a picture with me in it). 18 months after, along came our second daughter.  In the years to come I would photograph preschool kids, extending to family photography, weddings, then sports as our daughters began to compete in gymnastics. Now, with them in their late teens, my passion lead to high school sports and senior photography.


Sometimes, life takes us into a different direction.  Embrace the change and explore those unexpected gifts that inspire and create passion in your life.  Photography is an art that captures that one moment we can hold onto.  For me, being a part of that moment for my clients is what brings me great joy.

I believe there is beauty in everyone.


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